Universal Adjustable Control Valve


The adjustable control valve regulates the correct amount of suction needed for the pool cleaner. This is adjusted by setting the appropriate tension on the bypass flap, allowing for high, medium or low suction. The adjustable control valve must be installed at the suction point of the swimming pool.

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How to adjust the suction:

If your pool cleaner is performing too quickly and/or climbing the pool walls, reduce the Weir Valve to the medium or low setting.

If your cleaner is performing slowly and/or is not climbing the pool walls at all, increase the Weir Valve to the medium or high setting.

Please note: Should you have a side suction port, you do not need to attach the control valve to your side suction port because you control your suction from your pump.

The suction control valve comes standard with all new cleaners but is available as a spare part as well.

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